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Director/writer:Luis Lezama
Cinematography:Ezequiel Carraso
Year/length:1918. 5 reels.
Setting: Charra territory, 1500s
Language: Spanish
Home Release:none. lost film.

Filmed in Mexico, Tabar is an adaptation of the epic poem by Uruguayan writer Juan Zorrilla de San Martn (1855-1931). It tells the story of Tabar (played by Enrique Castilla), the cacique of a Charra tribe, who is half Indian and half Spanish. He is captured during the days of the Spanish conquest, and in captivity he falls in love with the Spanish Blanca, whom he rescues from other Indians, though he is ultimately killed by the Spaniards. The film is no longer extant, but a booklet titled Argumento de Tabar (pictured at left) was recently discovered which includes the script, several stills and further information. Tabar was remade by the same director and released in 1948, though little is known about this version either. Unfortunately, these are the only films on the native peoples of Uruguay that I've been able to find. If you know of any more, please write to me!

Sinopsis en espaol:
El noble cacique mestizo Tabar encabeza la rebelin de la tribu charra en contra del voraz colonizador espaol don Gonzalo de Orgaz, padre de la bella Blanca de quien Tabar est profundamente enamorado.

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