An unofficial website on the classic 1985 film,
produced and directed by John Boorman
and starring his son, Charley Boorman.

Screenplay by Rospo Pallenberg.
Cinematography by Philippe Rousselot.
Music by Junior Homrich and Brian Gascoigne.

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Posters, magazines, DVDs, VHSs
The novel, John Boorman's journal,
and the Wizard of the Upper Amazon
By Junior Homrich & Brian Gascoigne
Screen grabs from the film
Paulo Vinicius
Pics & Info on the actor
Based on a True Story
The L.A. Times report that inspired the film
Words & phrases of the Invisible People
Other Films
on the indigenous peoples of Brazil

Cast of Characters:

Tommy / Tomme
(Charley Boorman)

A boy from Newbury, California, who moves to Belore, Brazil, with his family and is kidnapped by rain forest natives. He eventually becomes a respected hunter in the tribe.

Bill Markham
(Powers Boothe)

Tommy's biological father. An engineer from the U.S. who is hired to build a dam in the Yuruan River in Brazil.
Jean Markham
(Meg Foster)

Tommy's biological mother.
Heather Markham
(Yara Vaneau)

Tommy's sister.
Young Tommy
(William Rodriguez)

Tommy at age seven, when he was captured by the Invisible People.
Uwe Werner
(Eduardo Conde)

A journalist who helps the Markhams search for Tommy.
(In the book, he is an anthropologist rather than a journalist.)
Padre Leduc
(Ariel Coelho)

A missionary in the rainforests of Belore, Brazil.
(Rui Polonah)

Chief of the Invisible People, considered to be a great hunter and a skilled healer.
(Maria Helena Velasco)

Wanadi's first wife, and Tomme's adoptive mother.
(Tetchie Agbayani)

Wanadi's third wife, almost the same age as Tomme.
(Dira Paes)

The daughter of the chief of a neighboring village. She marries Tomme.
(Paulo Vinicius)

Tomme's best friend, one year younger than Tomme.
(Claudio Moreno)

Chief of the Fierce People

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