The Soundtrack from the film,
The Emerald Forest

Produced and composed by
Junior Homrich and Brian Gascoigne.
Released by Varèse Sarabande Records, 1985.

With notes by John Boorman
and photos from the film.
Currently out of print.

Nominated for Best Score in the BAFTA Film Awards.

The music video, courtesy of Youtube

About the Composers:

was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and grew up in a forest reservation. After high school he studied music in the United States, then returned to Brazil and played with the rock group Blitz. He was hired to play percussion for the calisthenic exercises that John Boorman required of the cast to get in shape for the action and dance scenes. Boorman liked Junior's drumming so much that hired him for the soundtrack as well. Here is what Boorman says about Junior in The Emerald Forest Diary:
Since everything in Brazil is done to music, Possie has hired a percussionist to keep the beat going for these sessions. His name is Junior Homrich. He sits cross-legged on a mat surrounded by a variety of congas, drums and tablas, flutes and shakers, a one-stringed instrument with a gourd as a resonator called a birenbaum, and other arcane instruments. Many are of Indian origin, some Carib. Like most things in Brazil, the percussionists are the unique result of a blend of cultures. Junior is one-quarter Indian and has studied indigenous music in tribal conditions, as well as percussion at Woodstock. He provides sound effects - insects, rain, bird calls, as well as rhythm and melody. I find what he does very exciting and it suggests an approach to the musical score, although that is a decision for much later. Meanwhile, Possi and I decide to keep Junior with us right through the tribe training. (p. 130)

is an expert in electronic music. He used a Fairlite synthesizer to simulate the sound of the samponas, or Indian bass flutes. He also played marimbas on the soundtrack. Other soundtracks he has composed are Under Milkwood (1971), Gosford Park (2001), and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).


1.) Main Title* / Tomme Goes Missing / Tomme and Kachiri** (4:05)
2.) Tomme Searches for His Ghost Father* / Bill Searches for Tomme (2:24)
3.) The Burning of the Shabana / Wanadi's Death / The Moth at the Window** (2:32)
4.) The Initiation Ceremony / The Trance Dance** (4:06)
5.) The Jaguar Theme (:59)
6.) The Rainstorm* (2:10)
7.) The Burning of the Dead (2:58)
8.) Inside the Dam* / The Waterfall* / The Burning Forest (3:11)
9.) Volupia (2:43)
10.) River Paradise* (1:32)
11.) End Titles-Eagle Break* (3:08)

Music composed by Junior Homrich, except:
(*) composed by Junior Homrich and Brian Gascoigne
(**) composed by Brian Gascoigne


Junior Homrich:
percussion, clay pots, silver goblets, bass guitar, jew's harp, body (his own) percussion, vocalizations.
Brian Gascoigne:
synthesizers, marimba.
Richard Baily: drums.
David Bitelli: saxaphones, ethnic oboe.
Joao Bosco: percussion, finger piano, African drums, vocalizations.
Catherine Bott: soprano.
Kuma Harada: bass guitar.
Paul Hirsch: sampana, ethnic flutes.
Winston De Landro: guitars.
Joy Yates: vocalizations.

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