An Emerald Forest

Words and phrases used in the film, the novelization, and The Emerald Forest Diary.

Belore the city in Brazil where the Markhams moved to build the dam
cocassa hallucinogenic drug used by the Invisible People. A fine green powder ground from seeds.
dreamlight the otherworld where people exist both as themselves and as their spirit animal. The dreamlight can be reached either through visions or through death.
dead world the world outside the forest, where the termite people live
ghost father Tomme's term for the man who appears in his dreams (his biological father). [novel, p. 120: "You are my ghost father. You are dad-dee. You live here, in my head. And in my dreams... My father will tell me what this means."]
hunt-death a rite of passage which a boy must face to become a man (as in Tomme's ordeal with the ants).
hunt-trail the term by which the Invisible People measure years. Tomme is one hunt-trail older than Mapi.
light of the forest the green stones (emeralds) that are ground up to make the paint that makes them invisible.
que cabelo louro! "What light hair!" [Portuguese]. A Brazilian kid shouts this to Tommy at the beginning of the novel. Followed by "Estrangeiro louro!" "Pale stranger!"
Senhor! Oi, Senhor! Quem vce? "Mister! Hey mister! Who are you?" [Portuguese]. Foresters say this to Markham when they find him asleep outside the forest, where the Invisible People have left him.
shirt indians Indians who have left the forest and put on clothing to live with white men
termite people the people who live outside the forest and chop down trees
wilderness, the the world outside the forest. Synonym of "the dead world".
World, The the forest